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February 12, 2010

Next Chronicles of Narnia Movie

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We are sitting here watching Prince Caspian, and I looked up the Wikipedia page for the next movie.  It looks to me like they have choosen a date for its release:

Wikipedia: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

From what it says, we have to wait a year to be able to see it:

Filming is now complete, post-production has begun and the film will be released on December 10, 2010 in the United States and United Kingdom.

Official Site


March 26, 2009

Kent Update: Kent on Vacation

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Several weeks ago, we took a trip to Arkansas.  Unfortunately, Kent couldn’t go.  But, he did get a nice little vacation at Gram and Gramp’s house!  Here he is in route:

Kent on Vacation

January 22, 2009

Obama Inaguration Speech Visualized

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Check this link out to see a visual representation of Obama’s speech.

January 10, 2009

Rodeo Coming Up

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Kent is getting ready for his 3rd annual Rodeo.  Stay tuned hopefully for some pictures.

October 9, 2008

Movie: Fireproof

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We watched Fireproof several weekends ago and really enjoyed it.  I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a movie to go and see.

The movie was very inspirational.  As you walked out of the theater, you saw couples everywhere holding hands.  You felt motivated to be the best husband or wife you could be. I like the Plugged in Review’s conclusion.

One of the ending elements was the showing of Romans 5:8 on the huge theater screen.  I was impressed.

One thing I did notice about the reviews is that numbers and rating don’t necessarily mean everything.  For example, the numerical rating system given by Kids-In-Mind put Fireproof in a category with many other movies that I would probably be offended to go see.  I can’t fault them for the rating because they are probably right from the perspective that you wouldn’t want younger kids to see the movie because they are not ready to handle such topics yet.  But, it would be nice have some sort of rating where you could search for all movies under a certain rating.  I have wanted for a while to write a spider to try to grab that information and build a list of family-friendly suggestions.  Maybe the Dove Foundation would have information that I could use.


September 5, 2008

Kent Update: New Toy

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A co-worker gave us a new toy, and Kent enjoyed it very much.

The balls shoot out from the water pressure. Apparently, it can shoot them pretty high.

We are growing up! We can carry three balls at a time!

Just having a blast:

June 10, 2008

Video: North Korea Situation

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Take a look at this video about North Korean Concentration Camps.  It is sad and staggering.

Video: Big Animals

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If you like wildlife pictures, watch this video.  It has lots of great pictures of animals like polar bears, blue whales, great white sharks, and killer whales.

January 17, 2008

Bible Study: Eutychus

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I have had thoughts of using the story of Eutychus for a Bible lesson that I will give two weeks from yesterday.  The story is interesting, but I need to study it some more.

Here are some links that I have found so far:

My biggest problem is that my intended audience is 3rd – 6th grade.  I think the idea of someone falling asleep during a sermon could be fun and interesting to them, but what lesson could they learn from it?

Maybe at least I can flesh out the Wikipedia article some.

November 29, 2007

Family Update: Christmas is Coming

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We have been decorating the house, and that means bringing out all of the animated stuffed characters.  We have the singing dogs, the singing angel, the dancing snowmen, etc.

Kent is taking it all in stride.  His favorite seems to be the sled with the Penguin, Snowman, and dog.  The penguin vibrates, the snowman waves, and the dog shakes his head.  After the first time, Kent was squeezing the penguin’s hand to get it to go again.  I think he tried both of the penguins hands until Lorraine showed him that he just had to squeeze the snowman’s hand.  How does he know you squeeze the characters’ hands to get them to sing?

Anyway, we are having a blast watching him dance to all the musical characters.


Here is Kent’s favorite:

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