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May 25, 2009

Kent Update: New Shoes

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We got some new shoes for Kent, and we had to take a picture.


On another note, here is Kent’s version of Ring Around the Roses:

Ring around the roses
Ring around the roses
We all fall down


First Picture of the New One

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Here is the first sonogram:


The doctor said that Lorraine is healthy and everything is normal with the pregnancy.

Lorraine is really struggling with the morning sickness.  We can’t wait for that to end.

May 21, 2009

Illustrations for Kids

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Yesterday, I was searching for a fun illustration for our Awanas group.  I found several of them, and wanted to share/preserve them for use later.

I first thought of the illustration using Iodine and water:

Cleansing Blood of Jesus

Here are some instructions that might help:

Nothing Gold Can Say

This is another way of doing it:

YouTube: Cool Gospel Presentation

Here are the instructions for doing this:

The Story of Hank

Because I couldn’t find the chemicals to use that illustration, I ended out using this one:

The Pop Quiz

May 8, 2009

Kent Update: Riding the Tricycle

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I wonder if this will be that last picture of riding the tricycle.  He got a bicycle for his birthday, and he is doing excellent with it.  The tricycle he did not pedal.  He would just walk it around and around the pool.  He looks like a pro in this picture.


Computers: Flu Trends

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I thought Google’s Flu Trends was an interesting approach.  The Google Operating System Blog pointed out that Google has expanded to tracking Mexico with the Swine Flu.  With Flu being in the news so much, I wonder if that impacts the accuracy.

Toy Pics: Easter Duck

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Here is Kent’s duck that he got for Easter.  It dances and sings besides looking crazy.


Kent Update: Easter

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Okay, a little late, but here are the Easter pictures.

First up, Kent has his new Easter suit on, but I am not sure he is quite awake yet!  Notice, he always has to have something in his hands.SuitInChair

Then, on the way to church, Kent wore his sun glasses.


Here is the whole family after church.


Of course, we did have the annual Easter egg hunt.  Notice the Easter Lily didn’t quite make it for Easter.  In fact, as far as I know, those Lilies haven’t bloomed yet!  Also, notice the “boy” egg in the background!  I liked the basketball ones better.

The kids had their chance at hiding the eggs too.  They can come up with creative hiding places but maybe not the hardest places.EggsOnTheCar

Toy Pics: The Car Line Up

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Kent lined them up like this!


The red white and blue!


Playing in Jamies!


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