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September 12, 2007

Blogging: Adding Images

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There are 3 different resources for photos:

  • iStockPhoto
  • stock.xchng  (This one has been most useful so far)
  • yotophoto (A search, but so far, I have had to wade through many images you have to pay for)

This site has been helpful for clipart:

The problem I have had with the clipart library is with searching.  I haven’t found an easy way to search and browse to find the image that I want.

Linking to Images:

I have been downloading the images from the various websites and uploading them to my account on  I figured that was better than using the bandwidth of the photo distributor to display the images on my personal blog.  To add the image to my blog, I have been copying the image from Flickr and pasting it in the editor on WordPress.  Then, I changed the link from Flickr to the page on the photo distributor’s website so that people know where the image came from.

For images from the Open Clip Art Library, I have to convert them because Flickr does not accept svg images.  So, I save them as an svg to my desktop.  Then, I open them in Inkscape and export them to a jpeg.  Then, I can upload the image.


Daily Blog Tips: Where to Find Images for Your Blog

Open Clip Art Library


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